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You have a business to run, so the 政府ernment Relations team at SBAM constantly monitors issues affecting small business so you don’t have to.  SBAM also helps to give you and other small business owners a voice in the democratic process by connecting members with influential policymakers.

You can help protect your small business and help bolster Michigan’s entrepreneurs by getting involved today by joining SBAM’s Grassroots Network. Our commitment to you when you join is that we will track small business issues and cut through the noise, but as a member, we ask that you provide feedback and engage on those issues by contacting your legislators or joining us for important public policy discussion.

What you get access to as a SBAM Grassroots Advocate –

  • Weekly Public Policy 新闻letter (Lansing Watchdog)
  • Timely notifications and Call-to-Actions regarding impactful public policy
  • A team of 4 Lobbyists
  • SBAM’s Policy Task Forces where you can help build SBAM’s platform

The Tier System

As a small business owner you can truly influence public policy, and SBAM wants to help you do that. As you engage with legislators and become more involved in Michigan politics, we want to give you recognition. Not every small business owner has the calling to get involved, but the ones that do pave the way for all of Michigan’s small business success. Our Gold Tier advocates are true champions of small business and continue to lead our legislators toward making Michigan the best state to own a small business. In order to qualify to move to the next tier, one must qualify for the previous tier than complete one requirement of the successive tier. Check your Grassroots Level in your Profile Settings.


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